G’day!  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Here’s a little bit about myself…

I’ve been creative in one way or another all of my life.  I remember my mum always getting me to make birthday cards for everyone because she liked them so much and I often spent my quiet times with a pencil case and any old scrap of paper I could get my hands on.  Most of the time they were pictures of horses, but then I started drawing birds when I was about ten  and couldn’t stop!  

I bought my very first sewing machine when I was 12 (I still use it now!) because all I wanted to be was a fashion designer!  I studied art at high school, but sadly, abandoned any hopes of a creative journey in favour of something far more reasonable, primary school teaching!  That in itself did allow me to express my creative side, teaching art and making cool displays around the room satiating my need to create ‘stuff’!  

During my twenties and into my thirties I sewed, kept journals, tried my hand at quilting, had a market stall, did the odd TAFE course here and there experimenting in pottery, painting, candle making and all sorts of things!  I jumped head-on into scrapbooking when I was expecting my first child at the same time developing my love of photography with the purchase of my first Digital SLR.  And so it wasn’t until the summer of 2008 that through a series of events, I picked up a paintbrush and started painting.  After almost 20 years I had finally jumped over the hurdle of “I’ll-never-be-good-enough” and just thought “bugger it” this is something I need to do! 

 The penny had dropped.  I had worked it out.  There actually was a ‘donna-shaped’ hole in the universe, that only I could fill!

So I’m new to this journey.  I’ve got lots of ideas and lots to learn.  But I truly believe that if we are true to ourselves, if we honour the tug on our hearts to do that thing we most want to do, then this world becomes a better place for everyone to share.  

I paint because I love to.  I paint because my spirit needs it!  I LOVE colour.  I love texture.   I love to let the painting evolve and grow and direct me, rather than planning too much.  I believe in giving everything a red hot go, and I dont believe in mistakes.  I once read a quote from a magazine (but I’ve forgotten the author).

 The only mistake you can make when painting is to dip your brush in your cup of tea. 

 And let me tell you, coming from someone who takes tea drinking very seriously, that is one very.  big. mistake!