Feb 14 in Honour of Love…

I don’t usually get into the celebration of Valentine’s Day, probably because it was never celebrated in my family growing up, but this year on this occasion I want to send love out into the world!  Because let’s face it, who can’t do with as much of it as possible?

Here’s a few links to some gorgeous Valentine’s Day crafts and thoughts which I thought might put a smile on your dial or get your creative juices flowing!

Now for those of you out there who kind of like the idea of a tattoo but know for sure that whatever you choose now you’ll probably hate in two years time (I change my tastes too often for something so permanent! ) this may be just the thing for you – Temporary Tattoos! by Swiss Miss  And, just for Valentines Day – how about  this gorgeous little pug on a bike? Yes please!

Minieco have a great tutorial – (and it looks nice and simple too) on how to make this gorgeous paper heart.  I can think of lots of special people who would love a bit of handmade goodness, couldn’t you? This is a great site too – well worth a look around!

I really am such a fan of handmade gifts.  Especially if budgets are a bit tight and you still want to make a special someone feel loved and wanted.  Here’s an awesome idea from Twig&Thistle which would be perfect for a hubby, wife (yes you blokes surely know how to use a printer?!) kids or bestie – anyone!  I’m definitely going to surprise my two peeps with one of these homemade-with-lots-of-love lunchbox surprises on V Day…

Speaking of lunchbox surprises, how about these cute little stickers.  Imagine hubby pulling out the apple on the building site to find one of these :)  A must have for any lunch-box-maker I’d say! Head over to Twig and Thistle on ETSY to see more of their goodies.

While I’m at it, I might as well honk my own horn!  Here’s a couple of prints I designed for this auspicious occasion as well! If you’re interested in purchasing a downloadable PDF version of either of these, send me a message through my contact link (at top of page) and they can be yours (almost) instantly for $5 each :)

The first is titled ‘i love you this much’

Have you ever had an”i-love-you-more” competition with someone?  Mum once opened her arms wide and said she loved me ‘this much’ and in true ‘guess-how-much-i-love-you the book fashion (although it wasn’t written then) I decided that didn’t quite explain exactly how much I loved my mum, so I came up with the single hand concept 😉  If you hold your one hand out in front of you, then the distance from one side of your hand all the way around the world and back to the other side of your hand is how much I loved her – and there you have it.  i.won. 😉

And what about those ‘in’ things – you know the jokes that only a couple or a family get?  My big sis and brother would often (and continue to do so) come up with witty one-liners.  And so, at one point in our family instead of saying ‘i love you from the bottom of my heart’ the saying ‘i love you from the heart of my bottom’ was born.  Ahhh, i love my family :)

Well, that’s it from me today.  I will love and leave you, as they say with some beautiful words by Hafiz..

The Sun Never Says…



all this time

The sun never says to the earth

“You owe



What happens

With a love like that,

It lights the



Let love in,


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